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I'm Eduardo Araújo, a Web Developer from Portugal, currently living in Aveiro. Right now I'm working at Mindera as a Front-end developer. I know my ways on Back-end but what I really like doing the most is Front-end & UI design. Ideally, I love working on all stages of building a website - from the first sketches, design, implementation to the finished product. Currently, my main area of focus has been React. Besides that, my skills include HTML, CSS, Javascript, MySQL, some basic back-end (PHP & Node) and UI design. I also like sharing some tips on what I know through my Instagram page - webDevTips. You can find it right below or you can see the tips right here on this website!

stuff that I've done


TRCKR is a PWA that aims to help in personal organization. With it, users can create, track, and organize notes, tasks, habits and expenses. The app has quite some features, such as Push Notifications, custom Android shortcuts, etc. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Trckr app


HomeApp is an app made with SvelteKit that allows me to control some different types of smart lights that I have around my house. With it I can toggle the lights, change their color and brightness and I can also create and toggle Scenes with the devices. It also displays some information (Cpu & Ram usage, temperatures, etc) related to the device where this is running - a Raspberry Pi.


Traceless is a simple Chat App experiment that I did with Web Sockets. Users can join a room and chat with all the users in that room. Besides text messages, users can also send images to each other. Since it's not connected to any database, all messages will be cleared once a user leaves or reloads the page.

Traceless app
Homepage app


Homepage is a web app that I made for personal use. I use it as the start page of the browser so I can have quick access to: Gmail, Github notifications, my todo list, the weather, Google search and my most visited websites. It also has other pages for stuff like: Dribbble feed, movies/TV shows recommendations, news, and stock market updates.

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