How to keep up-to-date with Web Development



March 18, 2020

Hey guys, what's up? 😁🤘
How do you guys keep current with Web Development?

Nowadays, it's not easy keep up with Web Dev. It's a high paced industry where things keep evolving and new tools are created everyday. So, for us developers, it can be quite stressing feeling like we have to know everything and all these new things that just keep coming up.

The truth is that we don't need to know everything. Nobody knows. Still, it's important to at least be aware of what is happening in Web Dev and what new technologies, tools, methodologies, etc people are using. So, i leave you here some of the things i use to keep up with this industry - or at least try to .

Reddit - There are a LOT of subreddits related to coding in general where you can find a lot of awesome content. The ones i visit more are: r/webdev, r/javascript and r/reactjs

Twitter - I follow on Twitter a lot of developers that are well known on this community. It's awesome to hear about new stuff and to find some tips as well.

Podcasts - I love listening to podcasts when I'm driving to work everyday, as it is a great way to get some value from that time. There are some Web Dev related podcasts, but the ones i listen to the most are 'Syntax' and 'React Podcast'.

Hope you liked this post and see you soon! 😀✌🔥