How to use the 'includes' method in Javascript



April 24, 2020

Hope you are having a great Friday guys! 😁
For today's tip we'll take a look at one very handy array method in JavaScript - includes.

So what does 'includes' do? It helps up check if an array includes a specific item. The name says it all 😅

const fruitsArray = ['apple', 'pineapple', 'peach', 'banana', 'strawberry'] // Old way of checking if an array had a specific item console.log(fruitsArray.indexOf('banana') !== -1) // -> true // Using the 'includes' method console.log(fruitsArray.includes('strawberry')) // -> true console.log(fruitsArray.includes('peac')) // -> false

If you look at the code snippet you'll see how we used to do this: we used 'indexOf' on the array by passing that specific item. This returns the index of that item inside the array. If the item does not exist in that array then it would return -1. We would use this to check if the item was there on the array or not.

Now, using the 'includes' things get way more readable and straightforward! We just need to do 'array.includes(item)'. And this will return true or false. It's super handy!

Note that, it just returns true if we pass exactly the item and not only part of it (as you can see on the snippet).

Hope you guys have a great weekend, see you soon 😁🤞