Adding a noise texture effect to an image with CSS



November 11, 2020

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Adding a noise texture effect with CSS

What's up guys? For today's tip we'll check how we can apply a noise texture effect on an image with some CSS.

This is really simple to do. We need to create an element - in this case it's a div - with the class 'bg' and apply a background image on it.

<div class="bg"></div>

Then, we'll create a 'before' pseudo element on our element, that should be significantly bigger than the element itself. On this 'before' we will apply a 'noise' image pattern as background. You can find these patterns online on websites like 'Subtle Patterns'. We also need to add an animation to it.

.bg { position: relative; width: 100%; height: 100%; background: url('./1.jpg'); background-position: 50% 20%; background-size: cover; } .bg::after { content: ''; background: url(./noise.png); position: absolute; top: -50%; left: -50%; width: 400%; height: 400%; opacity: 0.8; animation: noiseFX 2s steps(6) infinite; } @keyframes noiseFX { 0%, 100% { transform: translate(0, 0); } 10% { transform: translate(-5%, -10%); } 30% { transform: translate(3%, -15%); } 50% { transform: translate(12%, 9%); } 70% { transform: translate(9%, 4%); } 90% { transform: translate(-1%, 7%); } }

Finally, we need to create the keyframes for our animation. This animation will basically just make our 'before' pseudo element move around with 'transform: translate' thus creating this cool, subtle noise effect.

And that's it guys, let me know what you thought of this tip! 🤓✌️