Some of my favorite Web Dev related resources



August 14, 2019

For today's tip I thought about showing you some of my favorite resources for web development in general! From tutorials to illustrations, here are some of the websites I visit the most and in the future I plan to show you some more.

CodeAcademy: most of you already know this one. It's an awesome platform where you can learn an enormous amount of languages and frameworks in a really practical way!

Exercism: in exercism you have a lot of programming challenges for different languages where you can practice your skills.

Traversy Media: this is definitely my favourite YouTube channel to learn new things. He has a ton os videos and he explains really really well.

Undraw: here you'll find hundreds of cool free illustrations for you to use on your projects! They are really cool and you can easily customize them!

MaterialUiColors: I use this always when I'm not sure on what colors to use on a specific project. Can't go wrong with the Material UI color palette.

Dribbble: dribbble is great to find inspiration! The world's best UI designers are there and you find tons of awesome designs to inspire you for your projects!