Using the HTML 'small' element for some fine print text



September 11, 2019

alt text

So, for today's tip I want to show you another 'not so used' HTML element: the 'small' tag. This element is a really simple one and doesn't exactly adds a lot of functionality but still can be pretty handy for some cases.

<p>This is some normal text <small>and this is some smaller fine print.</small></p>

The 'small' tag is used to make the text one size smaller. This means that if a specific text is by default with 'font-size: medium' this will turned into 'small'. Usually it's used for disclaimers, legal text, copyright information or just some side comments.

p{ color:#007EFF; font-size: 1.6em; }

Using it its obviously super simple: just wrap the text you want smaller on a '' tag and you're good to go! 👌