Some of my favorite Web Dev related resources II



October 19, 2019

What's up guys? A while ago I posted (tip #38) some of my favorite resources that I use the most, related to Web Dev off course. Today I thought of showing a few more things that I really like to use and I believe it can be of value to you!

The first one is probably the most known one here: Google Fonts. They have a huge amount of fonts that you can easily use on your websites. They also have a CDN for it so you don't even have to download them, just include the CDN link!

Second here is ''. This is a website created by Thomas Wicks where he has a lot of resources that he founds useful. You can find here a lot of stuff regarding HTML, CSS, JS, colors, images, etc. Definitely a huge library of cool resources!

Next we have '', this basically a website that has documentation for a huge amount of languages, libraries and frameworks. So, instead of searching for specific docs, you can just search them here!

'' has a lot of tutorials and articles regarding all main web dev languages and frameworks. It's a great source of knowledge.

On '' you can find an amazing AI tool to find really cool color schemes and palettes. You basically just choose some colors you like, or want to use, and it will generate a lot of awesome color combinations.

Finally, we have 'uiGradients'. Here you'll find awesome gradients to use on your projects. You can search by color on simple navigate through all of them until you find something you like. They even provide the CSS so you can just copy and paste it on your project and it's done!