How to take advantage of the browser's Session Storage



November 23, 2019

Running audit tools on your websites is always a good idea! These tools can help you improve you website overall performance, SEO, accessibility problems or even help you fix some bad practices.

There are tons of free and paid services that can help you with this. On most of them you just have to insert your website's URL and it will run some tests on your website. Today I'll be talking about three free tools that I use the most when it comes to this.

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The first one is Google's PageSpeed Insights. This tool provides a report with a lot of detail on your website's performance. It reports the loading time and why it is taking that time to load. It will flag any problems it finds and it will also tell you how to solve that problem!

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GtMetrix is kind of similar to PageSpeed Insights but it has some extra details. It gives us a grade and a score based on the page performance. It then tells us the total loading time, the page size and the number of requests. It also shows all the little stuff that are slowing the page and how to solve them.

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Finally we have Lighthouse. We can use this by installing the extension on chrome. We then just have to go to our website and click on the Lighthouse extension. Even though this can be used for regular websites I prefer using this for web apps. It generates a report in Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, SEO and PWA (progressive web app) so you can check if your app has all the features of a PWA.

Hope you try some of these out if you haven't because you'll see that they are really useful!